International occurrence

International occurrence

In European countries, erysipelas is a bit more common. There are isolated cases still ruling,

however, distribution as well as etiology remains similar to that in United States.

Age, sex, and race-related demographics

Erysipelas can affect individuals of all races. This condition has previously been reported as

more common among females but occurs at earlier

age in case of males (may be because of

greater cases of skin injuries in young males). There are other studies indicating that rather

than account for female/male differences, gender predisposing factors are more common.

People of all age groups have reported cases of Erysipelas but it appears that young children,

elderly patients, and infants are much commonly affected. Peak case was reported to be in

victim who was aged between 60 and 80 years primarily in those who have been considered

to be at immune-compromised and high-risk or the ones having lymphatic drainage issues

(example post pelvic surgery, mastectomy, bypass grafting).