Long-term Management

Long-term Management

Patients having recurrent erysipelas must be guided regarding local antisepsis as well as

general wound care predisposing of lower extremity skin lesions such as asteatotic dermatitis,

stasis ulcers, tow web intertrigo, and tinea pedis must aggressively be treated for


superinfection. Usage of compression stocking must be encouraged for one month or more in

patients who are previously healthy as well as long-terms stocking must be encouraged in

patients having lower extremity edema. It is essential to manage long term lymphedema.

Generally long term prophylactic antibiotic therapy is accepted but there are no actual

guidelines available. Regimes for treatment have to be tailored for patients. One of the

reported regimes is benzathine penicillin G that is at 2.4 MU intramuscularly after every three

weeks for nearly two years. You can also use 2-week intervals.