Prognosis for victims having Erysipelas is commendable. Usually complications of this

infection aren’t life threatening and maximum situations resolve post antibiotic therapy

without sequelae. (This disease can also get resolved spontaneously even without


Complications of this infection Erysipelas can include the following-:

 Death

 Meningitis

 Embolism

 Abscess

 Pneumonia

 Scarlet fever

 Bacteremia spsis

 Scarring

 Chronic edema

 Amputation/gangrene

Some of the most common Erysipelas complications include thrombophlebitis, gangrene, and

abscess. There are some complications that are less common (less than one percent) and these

are streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, septicaemia, endocarditis, and acute

glomerulonephritis. Some rare osteoarticular complications include joints contiguous with

Erysipelas plaques as well as include tendinitis, arthritis, osteitis, and bursitis.

In up to twenty percent cases where patients were with predisposing condition, local

recurrence was reported and it could lead to disabling and disfiguring sequelae like

elephantiasis nostras verrucosa. This is chronic warty edematous condition that is a result of

lymphatic destruction from continuous infection.

Though Erysipelas usually is benign with morality rate less than one percent in treated cases,

this can be fatal especially when victim is associated with bacteremia at much young age, or

is elderly or is immune-compromised patients.