Risk Factors

Risk Factors

There are predisposing factors in this Erysipelas disease that include

 Edema or lymphatic obstruction

 Saphenous vein grafting happening in lower extremeties

 Vagrant lifestyle

 Nephrotic syndrome

 Paretic limbs

 Arteriovenous insufficiency

 Immunocompromise: that also includes patients who

are alcoholic or diabetic or who

suffer from HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

 Status postradical mastectomy

Bacterial inoculation into some region of skin trauma is initial event developing erysipelas.

Hence, local factors like venous insufficiency, surgical incisions, insect bites, dermatophyte

infections, inflammatory dermatoses, and stasis ulcerations are implicated as the entry

portals. In facial erysipelas, the source of bacteria is usually nasopharynx host as well as

history of latest streptococcal pharyngitis that was reported in nearly one third of situations.

For erysipelas, Preexisting lymphedema is a clear cut risk factor. Recurrent erysipelas

complicating lymphedema from the treatment of breast cancer is documented well. In

patients Lymphoscintigraphy with first-time episode of reduced extremity erysipelas

documented lymphatic impairment in non-affected and affected legs. Hence, subclinical

dysfunction of lymphatic is also a significant risk factor for this erysipelas.